Imperial Star Destroyer
Imperial star destroyer
Status out of service
Homeworld death star
Physical Description
Height 1600 meters
Central Construction Kuat Drive Yards
Vessels 2500
Weight overwhelming
Technological Carriage 72 Tie Fighters

20 AT-ATs
30 AT-STs

Official name Imperial Class Star Destroyer
The Imperial class Star Destroyer is an Imperial space craft used by the Galactic Empire and the Imperial Remnant. It is known as the 'signature vessel of the Imperial fleet'.

ISD's are constructed by Kuat Drive Yards and hold a distinguished place in the Imperial Navy, containing more than 2500 vessels. At lengths 1600 meters long it's weight is overwhelming for normal class airspeeds, and uses hypergenerators to blast it in it's current speed rates. Imperial Star Destroyer is most notable for its massive size and overwhelming firepower; a single Imperial-class ship is capable of overwhelming most starships or devastating a hostile planet, and its mere presence is often enough to deter rebellion. At 1,600 meters long, Imperial-class Star Destroyers are armed with turbolasers, ion cannons and tractor beam projectors. They carry 72 TIE fighters, numerous ground forces (including stormtroopers, 20 AT-ATs and 30 AT-STs), a prefabricated base for rapid deployment to planetary surfaces and a variety of support and landing craft Following the climactic Battle of Endor, the Rebel Alliance captured several Imperial-class ships and added them to their own fleet.