Kento Marek
Kento marek
Biographical Information
Status deceased
Homeworld presumably Edean
Hometown presumably Skyhuuk
Born --
Died bet. 19 BBY and 3 BBY, Kashyyyk
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height no records
Weight no records
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark
Age unknown
Title(s) The Rogue Jedi
Chronological information
Affiliation The Galactic Republic
The Rebellion
Father unknown
Mother unknown
Children Galen Marek
Spouse Mallie Marek
Kento Marek was a Human male who lived as a Knight of the Jedi Order. Upon the outbreak of the Clone Wars, he fought on the side of the Galactic Republic alongside his fellow Jedi. Commissioned as a Jedi officer like the rest of the Order's members, Marek eagerly led clone troopers into battle on many fronts. As common with the younger generations of the Jedi Order, Marek craved excitement, adventure and the opportunity to perform many heroic acts as a warrior. Hence, he saw the conflict between the Republic and the Separatists as the opportunity to demonstrate his skills as a Jedi and a leader.

During the Clone Wars, Kento Marek became acquainted with a fellow Jedi named Mallie. Unlike Kento, Mallie had no interest in seeking fame and glory as a warrior. Her sympathy for those who suffered throughout the conflict caused Marek to rethink his personal views. Despite their differences, the two developed a close relationship with each other, which eventually culminated into love—an emotional attachment that was expressly forbidden by the long-standing tenets of the Jedi Order. In the midst of the galaxy-wide fighting, Kento and Mallie renounced their allegiance to the Order and married in secret. Due to their self-imposed exile, the two former Jedi Knights abandoned the war and went into hiding in order to start a new life together.

Their desertion saved their own lives when, upon the decree of Order 66, the clone troopers betrayed and murdered their Jedi officers on thousands of fronts all over the galaxy. The systematic genocide extended to ex-Jedi as well, thus turning Kento and Mallie into fugitives. As the Galactic Empire ascended to replace the former Republic, the Mareks fled from Imperial hunters and eventully settled on the planet Kashyyyk where they were protected by the native Wookiee population.

For ten years, Kento hid on Kashyyyk, avoiding detection from the Empire. At some point after their arrival, Mallie became pregnant and gave birth to a son, Galen Marek. Shortly afterward, she was killed while trying to defend a group of Wookiees from Trandoshan slavers. Forced to raise their only child by himself, Kento and his son were still living on Kashyyyk when the Sith Lord Darth Vader launched a massive invasion on Kashyyyk. With the secrecy of his hidden location compromised, Kento Marek resumed his former role as a Jedi Knight and aided the Wookiees in defending their homeworld. When the battle was all but lost, Kento Marek made his last stand against Vader in front of his hut. After a brief duel, Kento was easily defeated by the more powerful Sith Lord. Upon his death, Vader took it upon himself to raise the Jedi's young son as his secret apprentice.