Naven Senior Orleans
Naven new
Biographical Information
Status deceased
Homeworld unknown
Hometown unknown
Born somewhere around 26 bby
Died no records
Physical Description
Species human
Gender male
Height 5'.5" [unofficial]
Weight unknown
Eye Color brown
Hair Color aged
Age elderly
Title(s) Commander
Chronological information
Affiliation The Galactic Empire
Father --
Mother --
Children none
Spouse unknown
Naven Senior Orleans is an Imperial Commander in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (first game). He was the lead commander in the Raid of Kashyyyk after Order 66, right before Darth Vader found Galen Marek. His attire consists of the basic naval uniform with a green naval hat, an intersecting green coat, green navy pants and long knee-boots. He occasionally is armed with an e11 blaster, however rarely needs it, as he usually has a backup squadron or team of ISB Stronghold Unit Stormtroopers behind him with ultimate firepower. He is 5ft, 5in tall (according calculations of the height versus Darth Vader). He is human, male and his weight is unknown, but it is said that he is light due to old age.