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"I have been betrayed by Vader for the last time. A new journey begins... Something worth fighting for... Something worth dying for... I will not stop... I will not rest... Vader can't stop me now... He can't stop me now!"
-Galen Marek

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Galen Marek
Galen Marek is a featured and main protagonist in the dual games Star Wars The Force Unleashed and SWTFU II. Born on Kashyyyk, Galen (codenamed Starkiller) is a powerful Force-Wielder and major force-sensative. He is the son of Kento Marek and Mallie Marek. Both of his parents died in his early infancy. His mother died defending her family from Tradoshan slavers. His father was sought and murdered by the Dark Lord, Darth Vader. Galen himself was abducted by Vader after witnessing his fathers execution. Galen Marek later grew up with the name "Starkiller" being Darth Vader's secret apprentice, but would later recreate a republic called the Rebel Alliance.

Did you know...?

  • ...that Starkiller's parents where force sensitives named Mallie and Kento Marek?
  • ...that the game takes place 18 years in between episode III and IV.
  • ...that Starkiller's clone (taking place as the protagonist in game 2) is named subject 1138?
  • ...that the original voice over for Darth Vader did not do TFU? But a soundalike?

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